Plan & Book Your Charter

The first two important steps in planning a charter – gather your ideas and expectations, at least in general terms, and then call Meridian Yacht Charters to personally discuss the possibilities.
At Meridian Yacht Charters we help guide you through the choices of yachts, crews, and locations. We work with you throughout the process offering advice, providing support and personal service. We help you understand contracts, terms and procedures. We help you analyze rates and expenses, what is included and what is not.
We work closely with you, providing a private, personal yacht selection portfolio that can be shared with other members of your party. We supply specific technical information, detailed expense projections and a Yacht Charter Guide adapted to your particular plans.
The planning process for your charter will help ensure that you achieve the best possible result and will actually extend your enjoyment over a greater timeframe. Research increases your awareness of the multitude of pleasurable choices that await you, stimulating a level of anticipation and a savoring that begins long before the charter and extends the pleasure over weeks and months.
Each charter is different and the planning starts with a clean sheet of (virtual) paper. Speak with us directly to discuss your vision for your charter. Some of the basic, initial items you might want to identify include:

  • Type of yacht; sail or power?
  • Number of people in your charter party?
  • Make up of your charter party; i.e. couples, family, singles, children?
  • Number of staterooms required?
  • Charter location?
  • Duration and dates of charter?
  • Budget range?

Please call +1 804 438 1100 or Contact Us to discuss your plans
Meridian Yacht Charters’ brokers are members and active participants in the three major yacht charter industry associations:

MYBA, The Worldwide Yachting Associationmember-logo-myba
Charter Yacht Brokers Associationmember-logo-cyba
American Yacht Charter Associationmember-logo-american

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