Why Use a Charter Broker?

A good broker provides the expert advice and assistance that can be the difference between the best holiday of your life and a trip that was not exactly what you had expected.
Luxury crewed charter yachts, wherever they are in the world, are booked through Yacht Charter Brokers. In this relationship you, not the yacht owner, are the client. The broker is your personal representative as well as a source of impartial and objective advice and information.
There are professional associations for yacht charter brokers that work together to regulate international industry standards, charter contracts, and strict codes of ethics. It is recommended that you use a broker who is an active member of these professional associations. The principal associations are:

  • MYBA, The Worldwide Yachting Association
  • AYCA, American Yacht Charter Association
  • CYBA International, Charter Yacht Brokers Association

Within these organizations there are a number of excellent brokers. Brokers in these associations attend a minimum of two charter yacht shows per year and can draw from the same fleet of luxury charter yachts worldwide. The difference between brokers is:

  • Their experience and knowledge of yachts, crews and destinations
  • Their level of service to the client
  • The type of company: independent yacht charter brokerage or large yacht management and sales firm

It is important to note:

  • The broker’s services are provided at no additional cost to you, the client.
  • Brokers’ fees are paid by the yacht.
  • The yacht charter rates are set by each individual yacht.
  • Each broker offers the same rate for the same yacht.
  • Each yacht pays the same commission to each broker.

There are many excellent brokers operating worldwide. Many of these brokers have informative web sites, a great deal of experience, and offer quality booking services. Booking your yacht charter using an experienced broker provides added benefits, knowledge, and service, saving you time and often money. A good broker can ensure much better results than you can achieve on your own. Even in rare situations where it is possible to book directly you will still pay the same rate as you would when booking with a broker so it does not make sense to forego the expert help and experience.
We hope you will consider Meridian Yacht Charters when selecting a broker for your yacht charter but, regardless of which company you choose, we urge you to establish that they are a member in good standing of a recognized professional yacht brokers’ association.
Do not leave your holiday to chance; always enlist the help of a professional broker.
Meridian Yacht Charters’ brokers are members and active participants in the three major yacht charter industry associations:

MYBA, The Worldwide Yachting Associationmember-logo-myba
Charter Yacht Brokers Associationmember-logo-cyba
American Yacht Charter Associationmember-logo-american

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