Yacht Charter Guide

Meridian Yacht Charters has produced a comprehensive Yacht Charter Guide to help explain all the elements that go into planning, booking and enjoying your yacht charter.
Each charter is different and the planning starts with a clean sheet of (virtual) paper. Each edition of our Yacht Charter Guide contains the items and information that are specific to your particular plans as well as a comprehensive description of all the elements and procedures that apply to the selection and booking process for all charters.
The Yacht Charter Guide includes what you need to know to get started on your first charter and items to help even the most experienced Charterer:
The Very Basics of Private Luxury Yacht Charters

  • Types of yachts
  • About the crews
  • What you can expect
  • Where charter yachts operate

Planning a Yacht Charter

  • How to enjoy the process
  • How to organize your particular needs and how to articulate your vision
  • Locations, logistics, dates and itineraries

The Yacht Selection Process

  • What items should you take into account when choosing a yacht and crew
  • Understanding, analyzing and comparing rates, terms and expenses
  • Your personal (yacht selection portfolio) presentation. Looking at the yachts – the fun part.

Booking Your Yacht

  • Understanding the Charter Agreement
  • Payments
  • Insurance

The role Meridian Yacht Charters plays before, during and after
The key element in yacht charter planning is direct personal communication. Please call +1 804 438 1100 or Contact Us to discuss your plans and arrangements for your personal presentation and Yacht Charter Guide.
Meridian Yacht Charters’ brokers are members and active participants in the three major yacht charter industry associations:

MYBA, The Worldwide Yachting Associationmember-logo-myba
Charter Yacht Brokers Associationmember-logo-cyba
American Yacht Charter Associationmember-logo-american

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