Charter News

Be a “Rebel” in 2016!

Fishing and Surfing in Costa Rica or Cruising in Alaska aboard 157-ft Trinity motor yacht “Rebel”

Rebel” has an exciting and unique charter schedule planned for 2016. The yacht will be cruising in Costa Rica during March 2016 and available for fishing and surfing adventures in the area. Rebel is well set up for accommodating surfing as well as sport fishing enthusiasts in a luxurious setting. In the words of Captain Craig Coker:

“The entire coast has great fishing, and Rebel has just finished kitting out our 35-ft Tender with big game fishing rigs for sail fish, Marlin and large Tuna. I also have many years of experience deep-sea fishing and Bluewater tuna long lining. We have great gear for sports fishing and are ready to rock any requested fishing trips! For surfing our Everglades tender with surfboard racks can transport surfers quickly and comfortably to surf spots while Rebel stays anchored in calmer waters. Our two new Seadoo RXP jet skis are the fastest available on the market and excellent for any tow in surfing.  I also know an excellent competition winning local surf guide available for a surf charter.”

After March, Rebel will be transiting to Alaska and is actively seeking charters there for the August 2016 season. Please contact us for more details.