Notes on Rates

It is important to communicate with us directly concerning rates for any charter yacht.
Rates displayed are listed solely as reference points for initial indication of rate ranges for a particular yacht.
Rates displayed are for one week (7 nights). Charters may be booked for more than seven nights or for less. We will provide rates for charters of any duration.
Rates displayed on this site are subject to change without notice until bookings are confirmed.
Rates are normally expressed and paid in US Dollars or Euro currency.
When sorting yachts by rates the number range you select for a rate will include all yachts in both US Dollars and in Euro that fall within the numerical range selected.
Rates for charter yachts may vary according to the season, the number of charter guests, and the region in which the yacht is operating. In instances where different rates may apply the rates shown are normally from the lower end of the range.
Charter yachts include different items in their rate depending on their type, size and the cruising area. The operating expenses (food, fuel, etc.) included or not included are determined by the operating “terms” under which a yacht is chartered. The operating terms for most yachts fall into two general categories: “Plus All Expenses” or “Inclusive”
Most charter yachts worldwide operate under “Plus All Expenses” terms.
Some yachts, especially those based year round in the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean, operate under “Inclusive” terms in which meals, fuel and many operating expenses are included. Beverages are often not included but may be for some yachts, especially in the Virgin Islands.
We will discuss rates and terms for each yacht that is of interest and will provide expense projections based on your particular yacht choice, itinerary selection and personal preferences.
Rates do not include a customary crew gratuity, normally 10%-20% of the charter fee depending on a number of factors and based on service received and at your discretion.