Notes on Yachts

The yachts displayed represent only a portion of the many quality yachts that are available for charter through Meridian Yacht Charters. Additional yachts that are listed in the Reserve Collection can be accessed through our Private Login section.
Yachts displayed on the web site are not necessarily recommended over yachts that are not displayed.
We personally inspect the majority of yachts and meet with the crews. For detailed information please contact us directly.
For a personal presentation on yachts and crews and for help in selecting the right yacht and crew for your needs it is important to contact us directly. After discussions regarding your vision for your charter we will create a personal portfolio with a selection of yachts chosen for your particular requirements and post it in the password-protected Private Log In section.
Many of the specifications and details for an individual yacht are supplied by the yacht owner or agent and are provided in good faith. These items may change without notice.